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For all of your appliance servicing and repair needs in the Hernando, Pasco, and Pinellas area. Reach out to Chip’s Appliance Repair today to get your appliance inspected and repaired! We are based out of Hudson, Florida and serve all of Tampa Bay.

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Meet Chip “Charles” Root 

Originally from upstate New York, Chip has become a long term Pasco County resident with over 40 years of appliance repair experience. You can find Chip out on the boat, fishing the pier, or spending quality time with his family in his spare time.

Whether your ice maker is broken, your dryer won’t tumble, or your fridge won’t cool Chip has you covered. Specializing in LG and Samsung models but able to service other brands if that is what your property contains.

Our Repair Services

Washing Machine & Dryer

Washing machine giving you trouble with leaks? Your dryer not tumbling properly? Reach out to Chip today to assist you in getting your laundry under control and getting your clothes back on the hangars they belong on!

Refrigerator & Ice Maker

Refrigerator not cooling properly? Maybe your water dispenser isn’t giving you water. Worst, you need ice and nothing is being made? Plan your appointment with Chip in order to get your fridge back in working order!

Oven & Range

Having issues with your oven not getting up to temperature? Maybe your burners are no longer activating to boil your water on. Chip will be able to assist you and get your Sunday dinner back on schedule before the kids get hungry.


Dishwasher not properly cleaning items? Nothing is more frustrating than opening up your dishwasher to dirty dishes or seeing a pool of water surrounding your unit. Get your kitchen back in working order by calling out Chip!

Trash Compactor

Not every home will have one of these but when they break it can become a real waste of space. Don’t turn your trash compactor into a storage unit! Call out Chip to get things repaired so you can fully utilize your kitchen as it was meant to be.


Microwave acting up for you? Whether your turntable isn’t turning or your lights are out Chip can help you out that. Get your popcorn popping one again with one easy service call to Chip to get your microwave back in working form.

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Chip’s Review

“Chip came out and got my ice maker fixed on the first call out! Years of no ice has finally be fixed. So happy!”

Chase Miller – Homeowner

“Thanks so much Chip!!! My fridge wasn’t cooling and almost had to throw everything out!!!! Chip got it fixed before tossing everything!!!!

Karen Samoli – Homeowner

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